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Why Use Flatbread Dough For Woodfired Pizza

There is nothing quite as delicious as a woodfired pizza. Using a woodfired oven has a variety of benefits, from the high temperature, the quick cook time, and the gourmet results. It also creates a special experience for the customers. Of course, it isn’t all fun and games. One of the biggest things people don’t realise about woodfired ovens is that they aren’t right for every type of dough. Certain crusts just don’t work with them. Luckily, flatbread dough does and it only works to enhance the deep and smoky flavours.

The Characteristics of Crust

As we already mentioned, woodfired overs are hot, usually somewhere between 300 and 450 degrees. This means the cook time runs around five minutes. That’s why choosing the right crust is so important. It needs to respond well to quick cooking at a high and dry heat. That’s how we deliver a light golden brown crust, a light and crispy texture, and a bubbly crust that looks and tastes delicious.

The Differences

So, what’s the difference between a typical pizza dough and a flatbread? There is only one major difference. Flatbread is made using unleavened dough, while pizza uses yeast. That’s why flatbread has that deliciously thin, crispy texture. Even the thinnest of pizzas can’t attain that same finish. Often, restaurants use pizza and flatbread as interchangeable terms.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two, though, is the experimental spirit that flatbread tends to capture. It invites us to play with different ingredients, to try new things, and make changes that people don’t typically want to do with the fan-favourite pizza. Flatbread sheds the expectations. It allows for experimental fun with toppings that pizza buffs may turn their nose up at. So, it’s a lot more freeing than other crust options.

Ready to have your mind blown? Technically, pizza actually falls under the flatbread umbrella. So, flatbread isn’t pizza, it’s the other way around! Of course, pizza is generally round, while a flatbread is usually rectangular.

The Right Crust

The major rule of thumb when choosing the right dough for your woodfired oven is this: keep it thin. So, why use flatbread when you can stick with pizza dough?

Flatbread is the perfect woodfired oven choice. It’s thin, it copes well in hot, dry heat and it delivers on the thin, crispy finish. Additionally, there are so many different topping options to go with. You can really branch out and try new and exciting things that you maybe wouldn’t want to put on a traditional pizza. More importantly, as it’s lighter and less filling than standard pizza dough, it’s the healthier option. It’s basically pizza… but, without all of the guilt.

Pizza dough, when rolled thin enough, will work just fine in a woodfired oven. Isn’t that what everyone is using, though? So, flatbread offers a serious point of difference in taste, texture, look, and cook. So, why use flatbread dough for woodfired pizza? Quite simply, if any crust was made for the woodfired oven, it’s flatbread dough.


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