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Why Food Tastes Better In A Woodfired Oven

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven has many benefits. Wood-fired pizza has been popular for centuries across the world, and it remains popular today. There are many reasons it remains popular of course, and they include the quick cooking times, and of course, the fantastic flavours. It is well known that pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven tastes far better than a pizza made in a standard oven, so what are the reasons that a wood-fired pizza oven creates better pizzas?

Hotter Cooking Temperatures

Pizza ovens cook at a much higher temperature than traditional ovens and cook the food far quicker. Wood fired pizza ovens generate a more substantial heat than conventional ovens as they absorb heat into the walls, ceiling and base of the oven itself, which are usually made from clay brick or stone. What this does is creates an even temperature in every area of the oven. Even temperature distribution means a quicker cooking time as well as more even cooking. Pizzas cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven can cook in as little as three minutes. This is why the wood-fired pizza restaurant in Glen Iris is so popular.

Crispy Crust and Base

When pizzas are cooked at higher temperatures, the crust becomes crispy and crunches beautifully in your mouth. A crispy base also means pizza is easier to eat, and it all stays together when you are eating it. Any moisture that remains in the dough will become sealed inside when cooking, and toppings like cheese will also become crispy on top.

Perfectly Cooked Toppings

Because the wood-fired pizza oven cooks so quickly the toppings are cooked quickly to keep all the nutrients inside. This is especially so when it comes to vegetables as toppings. This also keeps the full flavour of the toppings making a much better pizza to eat. Topping flavour is very much enhanced by wood-fired pizza restaurant, Glen Iris. Because the heat seals off all the moisture as well, the pizzas made in woodfired ovens absorb far less grease. Cheeses and sauces are also affected by cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven, as they soak in the smoky flavours.

Unique Flavours

woodfired kitchen menu pizzas have a unique, smoky flavour with a taste of authenticity and complexity, much different to anything that can be achieved in a traditional oven. The lack of grease also creates a more flavour-enriched pizza.

As an added note, best-woodfired pizza in Melbourne is created by using various types of wood for the fire. Different woods offer different types of smoky tastes which are transferred into the toppings and base of the pizza. Woodfired kitchen pizzas are far better than other deep-dish pizza Melbourne that doesn’t offer wood firing.

Food You Can Woodfire

Wood fired pizza is one of the most popular meals and has been for centuries. Whether you are dining out at your favourite wood-fired pizza restaurant in Melbourne or eating at home, the taste of wood-fired pizza is something you just can’t create without a wood-fired oven. Pizzas are the most common wood fired food no doubt, but when it comes to wood firing food, pizza is just the beginning. Wood fired ovens have the ability to cook almost any type of food you can imagine, and here are just some of the best foods you can have baked in a wood-fired oven.

Crispy Seafood

Crispy seafood is also one of the most popular dishes to cook in a wood-fired oven. Seafood like prawns, fish, oysters and calamari draws in the smoky flavour like no other food on the planet and leaves you with mouthful after mouthful of smoky, flavoursome goodness. Wood fired ovens are also typically much larger than standard ovens, meaning you can fit a large amount of seafood in the oven, smoking and searing to enhance the flavours while keeping all the goodness in.

Bread, Pizza Flatbreads

Bread is very simple to cook in a wood-fired oven. There is nothing quite like a smoky loaf of fresh bread cooked to perfection under wood fire. Even if you are gluten-free, there are many options available, and wood-fired ovens can offer something that store-bought products just cannot. If you want wood-fired flatbread in Melbourne, this is the best way to do it. Of course, pizza is on the list. Wood-fired pizzas or wood-fired flatbreads Melbourne are the best thing to cook in any wood fired oven. There are a million different ways to top a pizza or flatbread and adding the smoky flavour from a wood-fired oven enhances everything about it.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted veggies are merely delicious when cooked in a wood-fired oven. The natural flavours of the vegetables combined with the smoky flavours of the burning wood offer flavours you just can’t get at home. In a standard oven, vegetables take almost an hour to cook correctly, however in a wood-fired oven; your smoky flavoursome vegetables will be ready in just 20-30 minutes. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and abundant in flavours.

Slow Cooked Meats

Low and slow is the way to go. Wood-fired meats are delicious; there is no doubt about it. Smokey flavours work well with every type of meat you can imagine, so whether you want beef. Lamb, pork, venison, chicken, duck, spatchcock or kangaroo, slow-cooked meat from a wood-fired kitchen menu glen iris is the way to go.

For the best wood-fired food, you need the best wood-fired pizza restaurant in Glen Iris. A woodfired kitchen menu should feature a range of fabulous meals, including pizzas and flatbreads topped with smoky, fresh ingredients.


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