About Us

At Woodfired Kitchen, our goal is to delight your senses. We create the best pizza-style flatbread in Melbourne, along with a range of Asian-Mediterranean style menu options; providing you a unique dining opportunity.

Our Wood fire Flatbreads

We call our Pizza, "Flatbread". Flatbread is much more experimental than conventional pizzas and chefs feel at liberty to play with new and fun to eat ingredients. We have taken the ordinary pizza and transformed it into a warm, tasty, freshly Woodfired flatbread.

Our secret is simple. We make our dough and sauce fresh every day — sometimes multiple times a day when we’re really busy.



Our Asian-Mediterranean Cuisine


Both Asian and Mediterranean food are widely known to promote vibrant health and longevity. They are also known for spending plenty of time with family and friends and maintaining a low stress lifestyle.

In honour of these common elements, we would like to introduce you to our new menu of Asian - Mediterranean cuisine, which showcases the culinary journey through the East.  Whether it’s Italian, Chinese, Greek, Thai, Spanish, Malaysian, Indonesian food that you love, Asian- Mediterranean-cuisine inspires a new way of life.


You are guaranteed to find something you love on our menu!


Our private function room


Being constructed in 1933 by Mr C Chitty, well-known local builder and timber merchant,  our heritage building provide you with a relaxed, warm and welcome meeting place.

With magnificent ornate ceiling, glittering chandeliers and old charm fireplace, our private function room offer you luxurious surroundings, which celebrate the cultural significance of history.


Come on down and enjoy the exclusive experience of Asian- Mediterranean cuisine!


We want you to call us "Your Local/Go-to Restaurant."

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